Let the NASOM Top Articles Collection (TAC) 2023 begin...

STEP 2 : Ranking Articles: End of February through March

All participants will receive a link to the collection of top articles and a second survey link for ranking each article.  PLEASE NOTE:  Many previous participants have requested that we make their lives easier by limiting the number of articles to be evaluated.  Therefore, this year we will limit the set of articles to be evaluated to between 20 and 25.

STEP 3 : This year's TAC 2023 results will be presented by NASOM webinar in May

What is a favourite article?

A favourite article is a publication that adds value to your practice of Obstetric Medicine.  As clinicians we all value articles that help us deliver evidence based, best patient management.  As educators, favourite articles help our fellows focus on the key aspects of safely managing complex conditions.  As health advocates, favourite articles help us deliver proactive, insightful care to our patients.  Finally, as a group of Obstetric Medicine specialists, favourite articles include important clinical trials and primary research that advance our evidence base and knowledge.   Ultimately, through participating in this annual survey YOU define the NASOM top articles.


  • In order to promote the research that drives our practice forward, we kindly request all contributors to include at least one research article.
  • Please do not submit COVID related articles as this research and management is addressed in many different forums.


All participants will receive a certificate of completion for MOC Credits and a bulk journal reading list for further MOC Credit.


Our best and thanks,

Jayson Potts, Xavier Thompson, Serena Gundy – NASOM Best Evidence Team.