Refer a Patient to Obstetric Medicine

Obstetric Medicine consultants’ contact information.
There is certainly an Obstetric Medicine physician close to you! Please find here the contact information to refer pre-conception or pregnant women.

CANADA, Montréal

Clinique MIGO, CHU Sainte Justine

Dr Annabelle Cumyn, Dr Nadine Lahoud, Dr Kateri Lévesque, Dr Francine Morin, Dr Évelyne Rey, Dr Florence Weber

Send your consultation request by fax to: 514 345-4968.

For an urgent consultation, please call 514-345-4788 and ask to speak to the MIGO Doctor on call or leave a message to the coordinating nurse at 514-345-2927).

Clinique MOG, CHUM Hôpital Saint-Luc

Dr Tal Kopel, Dr Michèle Mahone, Dr Florence Weber, Dr Nazila Bettache

For pre-conception consultation: Fax: 514-412-7417

For a consultation in pregnancy: Tel: 514-890-8000 extension 35402 Fax: 514-412-7423

Clinique MOG, Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont

Dr Pascale Garneau, Dr Geneviève Mathieu, Dr Mathieu Sergerie

Tel: 514-252-3578

Clinique MOM, CUSM

Dr Leora Birnbaum (Internal Medicine), Dr Natalie Bottega (Cardiology), Dr Natalie Dayan (Internal Medicine), Dr Natasha Garfield (Endocrinology and metabolism), Dr Khuê Ly (Internal Medicine), Dr Sara Meltzer (Endocrinology and metabolism), Dr Tiina Podymow (Nephrology), Dr Judith Therrien (Cardiology), Dr Patrick Willemot (Internal Medicine)

Phone: 514-934-1934 extension 31654 or 36979
fax: 514-834-2888

site web:

Medical Obstetrics Clinic, Centre Hospitalier St. Mary

Dr Lucie Opatrny

Phone: 514-345-3511

CANADA, Québec

Clinique de médecine interne, Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis

Dr Hélène Marchand

418-835-7121, extension 3747 ; Fax : 418-835-7104

Clinique GARE, CHUL : (418) 656-4141 extension 72300

Dr Chrystine Allen (endocrinology), Dr Marie-Hélène Bastien (Internal Medicine), Dr Stéphane Côté (Internal Medicine), Dr John Weisnagel (endocrinology)

418-656-4141 extension 42160

CANADA, Sherbrooke

Clinique MOG, CHUS Fleurimont

Dr Nadia Caron, Dr Anne-Marie Côté, Dr Annabelle Cumyn, Dr Geneviève Le Templier, Dr Nadine Sauvé

819-346-1110, extension 74977.

For non-urgent consultation, fax to 819-348-3851. For an urgent consultation (weekdays only): 819-346-1110, ask to page the MOG doctor on call.

CANADA, Edmonton

Obstetric Medicine Clinic

Dr. Rashmi Khurana, Dr. Winnie Sia, Dr. Erin Toor, Dr. Katie Ross

Fax non-urgent consultation to 780-735-5313 for Obstetric Medicine or Maternal Heart Health Clinics. For Postpartum Preeclampsia referrals, please fax to 780-735-4020. For emergency consultation, please call 780-735-4111 and ask the operator to page the Obstetric Medicine Physician on call

South Edmonton Internal Medicine

Gillian Ramsay. MD
South Edmonton Internal Medicine -supporting the Grey Nuns Hospital
Fax non-urgent consults to 780-440-2911

CANADA, Hamilton

McMaster University Medical Center, Hamilton, ON

Internal Medicine – Dr. Ahraaz Wyne, Dr. Serena Gundy, Dr. Conor Cox
Cardiology – Dr. Arsha Karbassi, Dr. Javier Ganame
Nephrology- Dr. Ana Mathews

Website –
Telephone 905 521 2100 x76992
Referrals can be faxed at 905 524 5500

USA, Boston

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Meghan Rudder, MD
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

USA, New Jersey

Meridian Medical Group

Dr. Michael P. Carson

Meridian Medical Group 2240 Rt 33. 2nd Floor Suite A. Neptune, NJ 07753. Office: 732-897-3990

USA, New York

Jacobi Medical Center & North Central Bronx Hospital, Bronx

Dr. Beth G. Lewis

Jacobi Medical Center. 1400 Pelham Parkway. Bronx, NY 10461. Office: 718-918-5700

North Central Bronx Hospital. 3424 Kossuth Ave. Bronx, NY 10467. Office: 718-918-5700

USA, Rhode Island

Women & Infants Hospital

Raymond Powrie MD, Kenneth Chen MD, Erica Hardy MD, Srilakshmi Mitta MD, Gofran Tarabulsi MD, Elisa McEachern MD

100 Dudley Street, Providence RI 02905. Office: 401-453-7950. Fax: 401-453-7748


Multidisciplinary Obstetric Medicine Service (MOMS)

Margaret Miller, MD (OB Medicine), Lucia Larson, MD (OB Medicine), Ghada Bourjeily, MD (OB Medicine and Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine), Niharika Mehta MD (OB Medicine), Courtney Clark Bilodeau, MD (OB Medicine and Breastfeeding Medicine), Marshall Carpenter, MD (Maternal Fetal Medicine), Kerri Batra, MD (Rheumatology), Geetha Gopalakrishnan, MD (Endocrinology), Athena Poppas, MD (Cardiology), Colleen Kelly, MD (Gastrointestinal Medicine), Amanda Pressman, MD (Gastrointestinal Medicine and Pelvic Floor Disorders), Teri Pearlstein, MD (Perinatal Psychiatry), Ellen Flynn, MD (Perinatal Psychiatry), Joanna MacLean, MD, (Perinatal Psychiatry), Carmen Monzon , MD (Perinatal Psychiatry)

Women’s Medicine Collaborative, 146 West River St, Providence, RI, 02904. Phone: 401-793-7410. Fax: 401-793-7801.