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North American Society of Obstetric Medicine

The goals of our society are to promote and support research collaboration, communication, and teaching concerning the medical care of pregnant women.

This joint Canadian and U.S. society’s members now include general internists, maternal fetal medicine physicians, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, general obstetricians, family doctors, and other specialists interested in the management of medical complications in pregnancy.

Obstetric Medicine is a relatively new sub-specialty providing comprehensive care to women with medical conditions presenting before or during pregnancy and the immediate postpartum period.

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A Little Of Our Story

Promoting & supporting the medical care of pregnant women since 1990

The Society of Obstetric Medicine (SOM) was founded in 1990 and later became the North American Society of Obstetric Medicine (NASOM). Founding members include Peter Garner, Richard V. Lee, Karen Rosene-Montella and William Baron.
The Society includes specialists from Internal Medicine (General Internal Medicine as well as Internal Medicine subspecialties), Obstetrics, Primary Care, Anesthesiology, and others practicing primarily in Canada and the United States, but we welcome members from all countries.

Our history